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Each year, five Executive Officers and a team of Campaign Officers are elected into office. Together they direct and shape your Students’ Union. They make lasting changes to improve the lives of students. They make sure the student voice is heard at the highest level. 


The Elected Officers will act and speak on your behalf for the whole of the academic year. By voting, you’re making sure the right people are picked to make your voice heard at the highest level.


Cast your vote. 20 March > 23 March


How to vote

1. Click 'Sign In' the top right hand corner. On the sign in page you should select the large blue box which will take you to your UniLife log in. Once you have logged in using your USW Student ID and password you will be taken back to the USWSU website

2. Select the ‘Vote Here’ banner, which will take you to the voting screen (providing that you have successfully logged in)

3. Once you’ve had a good read of the manifestos, it’s time to cast your vote!

4. Select the position you want to vote for, e.g. President

5. Rank your candidates in order of preference (Single Transferable Voting)

6. If you don’t think any candidates are suitable, you can select ‘R.O.N.’ (Re-Open Nominations)  


Problems Voting?

If you are experiencing any problems voting online, please contact from your academic email address with your full name, student number, phone number and details of the issue you are having.  


The Voting System 

We operate a Single Transferable voting system. This system, also known as STV requires you to rank the candidates in order of preference. Under STV, your vote is initially allocated to your most preferred candidate and, as the count proceeds and candidates are either elected or eliminated, is transferred to other candidates according to your stated preferences.


If you feel like the Candidates listed are not suitable for the position you may choose R.O.N. (Re-Open Nominations) as your preference. If R.O.N. receives the most number of votes for any position that post will be re-opened at the next By-Election.




key dates

nominations open 20 february @ 9am

nominations close 9 march @ 1pm

candidates briefing 11 march @ 10am

voting open 20 march @ 9am

voting closes 23 march @ 6pm

results party 23 march @ 9pm








Meet the Candidates

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