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Calling all USW Snowsports disciples and new bees alike welcome to the best club at USW!!! This group is for those interested in snowsports, ranging from the slightly obsessed (pretty much the committee) to those new to the sport who've seen it on the TV and thought caw that looks awesome (Guess what it is!!!) and who’d love to give it ago.


We accommodate all ranges of ability at USW Snowsports and love to see new members along with all our returning members so long as everyone’s down for a chilled and friendly atmosphere on and off the slopes combined with absolutely mad bad brilliant sometimes eccentric ‘loving the fancy dress’ socials from where the best memories are formed if sometimes foggily remembered.

Established in 2011, the club has had great successes running trips to the French Alps, to some of the best resorts the Mountains can offer, including Tignes, Les Arc and Les Deux Alpes,  at how can you refuse student friendly prices saying you’re only going to go once and ending up hooked!As a club we run regular dry ski slope sessions fortnightly on Wednesday evenings for both beginner and advanced skiers and snowboarders at Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre at a universal student price for both lesions and recreational sessions so everyone can have a great time! Where regular members and committee attend who are always down for a chat, love new skiers/boarders, willing to help out give friendly advice and as always have a laugh.


This year we have also branched out to form teams for competition entry, attending the Kings Western League a team’s dual slalom event held at several round across the west at some of the best dry ski slopes in the country. Coming last only once so far… which I’m proud of! With the aim of entering BUCS affiliated events next year. So if you’re up for getting involved give our teams captain a shout.


To keep up with our more social side make sure you guys add USW Snowsports as a friend on Facebook it’s got the same logo as this page and I’ll even pop in a link bellow, see easy, we also have a Newport USW Snowsports page, along with your very own president and Vice president for any of your snowy needs you luck lot. There’s also our rather lovely group on Facebook that is named as, University of South Wales Snowsports 2013/2014 due name changing issues on Facebook.


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