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We like to think that films are something that everyone likes and our Film Society tries to bring the subject closer to the students in every kind of way. From screening, making, writing and of course discussing films, so that every student can contribute to our society in any way, no matter which course they are on.


We do everything that covers the term film. From screening mainstream Hollywood films, to Foreign and Silent Cinema, but also we cover the creative aspect that includes making, writing and discussing films. It doesn’t matter what course the student is on, if it is a course that already involves filmmaking or something completely different. If they are passionate about films our society is the place to be. 


Our Society is based in Cardiff in the Atrium. We meet Tuesdays, 6:30pm in the cinema (Atrium building) for screenings. Every second Friday we meet for screenings at 6:30pm in the cinema or discussions for film projects in the Zen Bar.



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