American Football

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USW American football


American football at usw will be a new club starting September 2019!

This clubs purpose is to bring students with the same interest of American football, sports and just trying something new all together into a friendly, social and sporting environment.




SUNDAY FOOTBALL SOICALS— Every Sunday from the 12th at 6pm in cables 


FLAG FOOTBALL TRAINING— we train every Sunday from 4-530pm starting on the 12th of Jan in the sports centre on treforst campus, bring water trainers and something to run around in.



A goal for the club is to bring Flag football training sessions to you, flag football is a non-contact version of the original hard-hitting American football you might have seen before.

It’s a great sport for new players wanting to learn the basics to the sport and for anyone that just wants to try something new.


The club is not a contact sport for the time being but it is something we do look to start up for next year.


Everyone is welcome to try flag football no age, ability or gender will stop you from enjoying American football at usw whether at training or as a social member.


If you want to get in touch our email is but you can also find us on FACEBOOK 


We cant wait to meet you 


Peth and the team.