Team Fixtures & Results

Wednesday 22nd November 2017


Team Opposition Home/
Venue Transport Depart Start Result
Badminton 1st            
Badminton 2nd Southampton 2nd H Sports Centre(cup) n/a 3.00pm 2-6 (L)
Badminton 3rd            
Badminton Women 1st Shamp sol2/cup H Sports Centre(cup) n/a 3.00pm 5-3 (W)
Badminton Women 2nd Winchester 1st H Sports Centre(cup) n/a 5.00pm 0-8 (L)
Basketball Men 1st Bournemouth 2nd H Sports Centre(cup) n/a 1.00pm 58-89 (L)
Basketball Women 1st Plymouth 1st CUP A Nancy Astor SH 8.45AM 1.00pm 52-47 (L)
Football 1st Chichester 1st H Sports Park 12.30pm 2.00pm 3-0 (W)
Football 2nd Bath 2nd CUP A Claverton Down 10.00am 1.00pm 3-4 (W)
Football 3rd            
Football 4th            
Football 5th            
Football 6th            
Football Women 1st UWE 1st H Sports Park 12.30pm 2.00pm 6-0 (W)
Football Women 2nd TBC - CUP H Sports Park 12.30pm CUP 2.00pm PP
Golf 1st Exeter 1st H Celtic Manor 11.40pm 0-6 (L)
Hockey Men 1st            
Hockey Women 1st            
Hockey Womens 2nd Glos 3rd - CUP A Oxstalls 1.00pm  4.15pm 1-0 (L)
Lacrosse BYE - CUP          
Netball 1st            
Netball 2nd            
Netball 3rd Bath Spa 2nd - CUP A Newton Park 10.00am 2.00pm 30-12 (L)
Netball 4th Glos 5th - CUP A Oxstalls ? 1.30pm 84-10 (L)
Rugby Union 1st Hartpury 2nd H Sports Park 12.30pm 2.00pm 30-10 (W)
Rugby Union 2nd RAC 2nd H Sports Park 12.30pm 2.00pm 71-5 (W)
Rugby Union 3rd Southampton 2nd A Side Lane CUP 9.00am 2.00pm 36-17 (L)
Rugby Union Women UWTSD Carm (C) A Carm Quinns Ground 11.00am 2.00pm W/o to us
Rugby League Aberystwyth 1st H Sardis Road 3.45pm  5.30pm 30-12 (W)
Squash Men 1st            
Squash Men 2nd            
Tennis 1st            
Volleyball Women 1st Marjons 1st A Sports Centre 8.45am 4.00pm W/o to us


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