Exec Officers

The Students’ Union is run by a team of dedicated Executive Officers who are annually elected by the student body to make sure your University experience is the best it can be. 



The Full-time Exec Officer team is made up of USW students that have taken a year out of their studies or have recently graduated and are responsible for making high-level decisions for the Students’ Union. They are annually elected and work a full academic year supporting activities, running campaigns and making sure your student voice is heard at the highest level.  

The Officers provide student support, opportunities, and representation. They campaign on issues you care about and lobby the University for change.


Liam Powell
VP Student Activities 

 Treforest, Cardiff & Newport

Liam champions the student voice for teams, clubs, and societies. He supports and facilitates fundraising and volunteering opportunities and is committed to actively encouraging student engagement.

Currently working on: 

*Setting up a bursary scheme for Societies and Clubs to allow them to access more funding.

*Providing Mental health training for all society/club committees and sports captains.

*Developing Newport campus activities.



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Ollie Britten
VP Education & Welfare


The Education and Welfare Officer represents students within their region and offers support on matters both education and welfare related. They liaise directly with the University to bring about positive change for the student body.

Currently working on: 

*Ensuring SVR's are all fully supported by faculty leaders 

*A scheme to make student services more accessible to everyone. 

*Better SU facilities at Glyntaff 




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Sian Jones
Chair of Student Council 

The Chair is a current student who is elected to lead Student Council. They are responsible for the maintenance of order and debate and casting the deciding vote during meetings if there is a tie. The Chair is a critical component when making sure the democratic accountability of the Students’ Union is upheld.




Any student can stand to become an Exec Officer. You might want to see more student activities, or perhaps you have a passion for student welfare, no matter what your interests are and no matter what you study this is your chance to make change. Students usually stand in their final year of study, but students from any year of study can take a sabbatical and suspend their studies for a year to take up a full-time position. Keep an eye out for the Leadership Race in January 2018!