In this years' Election, 1002 students cast a total of 6049 votes for 31 positions. The percentage turnout was 5.05%.

Thank you to everyone who took part, be it as a candidate, part of a campaign team, one of our fantastic ballot staff or a keen voter.


Full-time Exec Officers

SU President

Total votes cast: 727 | Quota: 365 

Megan Wilson | 644 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 83 votes


VP Student Activities

Total votes cast: 638 | Quota: 320 


First round of voting:
Elliot Jones | 301 Votes
Rhys Pewtner | 310 votes

Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 27 votes

As no candidate reached the quota, the second preferences from the lowest scoring candidate (R.O.N) were transferred. Of these:

11 votes went to Elliot Jones (total 312)
8 votes went to Rhys Pewtner (total 318)
8 votes were not transferable. 

Rhys Pewtner is duly elected as VP Student Activities.






VP Education & Welfare Pontypridd

Total votes cast: 326 | Quota: 164 

Liam Powell | 284 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 42 votes

















Part-time Officers

Chair of Student Council

Total votes cast: 535 | Quota: 269 

Stephen O'Shea | 457 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 78 votes

Mature Students' Officer

Total votes cast: 482 | Quota: 242 

Peter Griffiths | 450 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 32 votes




International Students' Officer

Total votes cast: 565 | Quota: 284 

Jack Tabash | 313 votes
Mechka | 226 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 26 votes





Gender Identity Officer

Total votes cast: 451 | Quota: 227

Kay R. Dennis | 397 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 54 votes

Women's Officer

Total votes cast: 514 | Quota: 258

Joanna Mitova | 466 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 48 votes

Supported Activities Officer

Total votes cast: 449 | Quota: 226

Ashleigh Knowles | 399 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 50 votes

Students' with Disabilities Officer

Total votes cast: 522 | Quota: 262

Rachel Fanner | 470 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 52 votes




Student Voice Reps 

Faculty of Life Sciences and Education

SVR Psychology and Therapeutic Studies

Turnout: 2.32%

Rebekah Clarke and Ceri Olsen are duly elected.

SVR Health, Sport and Professional Practice

Turnout: 1.99%

Jannes Gick and Samuel Gidney are duly elected.


SVR Education & Early Years

Turnout: 1.73%

Rebecca-Jane Parkinson is duly elected.


SVR Care Sciences

Turnout: 1.57%

Peter Griffiths and Catherine Blyth are duly elected.



Faculty of Creative Industries

SVR Production and Performance

Turnout: 4.43%

Elis Widgery and Charys Bestley are duly elected.


SVR Design and Digital

Turnout: 2.95%

Phoebe Hunt and James Waterhouse are duly elected.

Faculty of Business & Society

SVR Humanitites and Social Sciences

Turnout: 5.09%

Khadijah Abdullah and Robert Mills are duly elected.


SVR Business

Turnout: 2.07%

Stephen O'Shea is duly elected.





Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science

SVR Computing & Mathematics

Turnout: 7.9%

Khalid Ali and Josh Brown are duly elected.


SVR Applied Sciences

Turnout: 7.13%

Jasmine Davies and Ayesha Robinson are duly elected.


NUS Conference Delegates 


Total votes cast: 429 | Quota: 216 

Liam Powell | 364 votes
Reopen Nominations R.O.N | 65 votes


The Voting System 

We operate a Single Transferable voting system. This system, also known as STV requires voters to rank the candidates in order of preference. Under STV, votes are initially allocated to the voters most preferred candidate and, as the count proceeds and candidates are either elected or eliminated, votes are transferred to other candidates according to the voters stated preferences.