NUS National Conference 


The National Union of Students (NUS) will host its annual conference in Glasgow from 8 – 11 April 2018.

As a member of NUS we are able to send students to National Conference, the head policy-making body of NUS UK. Delegates are elected through an online election to represent students’ views on a National level.

If you are passionate about the student movement and want to influence national policy,  nominate yourself for NUS Conference 2018 now. You must be available to attend the whole of the conference and be committed to being on Conference floor for the duration of all debates and voting. It will be your responsibility to represent the views of USWSU, rather than your own personal politics or those of a national group.


How to stand

Every student at the University of South Wales is entitled to take part in National Conference, which for registered delegates is free to attend. Up to three delegates will be elected to attend the conference, alongside Students' Union President. As the National Conference has a gender-balance requirement, at least half of the delegation must self-define as women. 

To stand, simply fill in the Nomination Form. You'll need a fellow student to nominate you, and ten more USW students to support your nomination. 





Key Dates

Nominations open 16 November @ 9am

Nominations close 23 November @ 1pm

Voting open 6 December @ 9am

Voting closes 6 December @ 6pm

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