Here you can read about all of the candidates who will be fighting to win your vote this year. By voting, you're making sure the right people are picked to make your voice heard at the highest level. 


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SU President

The President provides leadership to the Students' Union and is its main ambassador and external spokesperson, representing the interests of all students at USW.

Shannon Lee

  • Aptitude for Change – I am dedicated to bringing positive change to the student body. I will draw on my strong relationships with University staff to ensure positive outcomes for all students.
  • Determination – I will ensure that your needs are met through an open-minded approach in which I will listen to what you want and tailor the SU outcomes to fulfil these needs.
  • Experience – As your current VP Welfare officer I have an in-depth knowledge of the SU and wider University. I have already delivered improved mental health provisions, dogs on campus and successful campaigns. I will draw on these experiences to lead the SU in a positive direction.

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Shaun Hiscox



Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer takes the lead on working to improve the non-academic experience at the University of South Wales, based on student feedback through Student Council. 

Kay R. Dennis

  • I've been involved with the Student Council for two years, and I am the current President of the LGBTQ+ Society.
  • I have a wide network of connections to organisations, charities and more.
  • I'm extremely passionate about achieving true equality and diversity across all areas! 

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Joe Pearse

  • I will be a kind and supportive Welfare Officer who will listen to students on their needs and requirements.
  • Dealing with any issue relating to Welfare can be difficult, and that’s why I will present myself in professional and trustworthy manner, reminding students of their confidentiality when their needs are being dealt with.
  • I am prepared to fully commit to the role of Welfare Officer and offer a step in the right direction for the right kind of help, represent students to lecturers and faculty members or simply offer a chat to ease their mind.  

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Activities Officer

The VP Activities is the lead Officer on all matters relating to student teams, clubs, societies and supported activities (including fundraising, volunteering, student media and community liaison groups). 

Poppy Manning

  • A strong work ethic. I pride myself on constantly achieving. I will make sure that events are put on to a professional standard, societies and clubs can have my time when they want, and that I will not finish my day until a task is complete.
  • A voice that will be heard. With a history of being part of a student body throughout my education, I am not afraid to be heard and to ensure every student has the best USW experience they can ask for.
  • A committed officer. This is important to show throughout sports teams, society memberships and to the students of USW if elected as VPA.

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Education Officer

The Education Officer leads on work to improve the educational quality and experience at USW, based on feedback from Student Voice Reps, Course Reps, and the National Student Survey.

Lois Jones

  • As the current Education Officer, I will use my knowledge and experience gained from the role to continue my work to enhance your learning and teaching experience. I sit on the highest University Academic Committees, and have raised concerns about printing costs, LOOP, and the extenuating circumstances process.
  • Being a Welsh speaker allows me to fight for better Welsh language provision. As Education Officer, I sit on Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s Academic Board to ensure the University follows and is accountable to the Quality Assurance code for Welsh language provision.
  • I pride myself on being reliable and supportive in dealing with your concerns. I have fought for, advised, and defended, hundreds of your fellow students with course concerns, course closures, fitness to practise, and misconduct cases. I will continue to do all of this if re-elected.

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Mellissa Wallbridge



International Students' Officer

The International Students’ Ofcer is the lead representative of international students at the University and their main ambassador. The role includes representing the views and interests of international students, encouraging participation in the Union and advancing their welfare.  

Limon Islam




Black Students' Officer

The Black Students' Officer is the lead representative of black students at the University and their main ambassador.


Benny King

  • No manifesto submitted. 




Campus Officer

The Campus Officers are the lead representatives for students on each of the University's campuses and their main ambassador.


Kyle Jamie Eldridge - Newport

  • I can donate initiative, knowledge and efficiency when working.
  • I can offer vision, connections to services and an empathetic heart.
  • I can provide leadership qualities and skills such as coordinating between different services and ensuring a forward thinking attitude.

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Ali Akthar - Treforest




Student Voice Reps


Kieran Challenger

Computing and Mathematics

Read my manifesto.

Beth Templeman

Applied Sciences

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Captain Tomas Andrews


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Ben Anderson 

Production & Performance

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Ellis Thomas

Humanities & Social Sciences

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Adrian Lozan

Humanities & Social Sciences

No manifesto submitted.

Kyle Jamie Eldrige


No manifesto submitted.