Key Dates

Nominations: 9am on 27 February - 1pm on 12 March
Candidate Briefing: Friday 13 March - 1pm, CAA118 Cardiff Campus
Voting: 9am on 23 March - 6pm on 26 March


Q. What is the Leadership Race?

A). The Leadership Race (also known as SU Elections) is a time when the student body comes together to elect a team of students to lead the SU for the forthcoming year.


Q. How do I run for Election?

A). Running for election is really easy. You just need to fill in the nomination forms and hand them in to the SU Info Desk before 1pm on Thursday 12th March.


Q. I’m an International Student, can I work as a full-time officer?

A). Yes you can! If you are an International Student, you must be in possession of, and are responsible for, providing your own Tier 4 VISA.


Q. What are the hours like?

A). The Exec Officer role is a full-time job, you are required to work an average of 35 hours per week.


Part-time Officers and Student Voice Reps should set aside a few hours a fortnight for meetings, campaigns and projects. However, don’t let this put you off, all of the positions are flexible and should be more than manageable alongside your studies.


Q. Can I run if I’m not in my final year?

A).Yes! First and second years can take one year out of studying (a sabbatical) to stand for a full-time position. For more information about taking a year out contact


Q. What and when will I get paid?

A). Exec Officers (full-time roles) get paid an annual salary of around £17,956.11

and you will be paid on the 15th of every month.

Campaign Officers (part-time roles) and Student Voice Reps receive a bursary of up to £500 at the end of the year. The amount you get depends on your role and your level of engagement.


Q. Can I stand for more than one position?

A). Sometimes - it depends on the positions. You can stand to be a Student Voice Rep and any other part-time position (Student Council Chair, Campus Rep, NUS delegate, etc.). You can also stand to be an NUS (National Union of Students) delegate and any other position. If you aren't sure, please email


Q. When will the list of students standing in the Leadership Race be announced?

A). The list of candidates will be made available a couple of days after the candidates briefing. All information will be published on the Students’ Union website ready for the voting period on Monday 23rd March.


Q. When can I start campaigning?

A). Candidates can begin campaigning only after nominations have closed at 1pm on 12th March.


Q. When and where can I vote?  

A). Voting will take place between 23-26 March on the Students’ Union website. You can also cast your vote at any ballot station on campus.


We operate a Single Transferable Voting system (STV). The most important aspect of STV is that a voter ranks candidates in order of their preference so if you speak to a student who has already decided not to vote for you, convince them to make you their second choice – it could make all the difference when determining the result.