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Here you can read about all of the Candidates who will be fighting to win your vote this year. By voting, you’re making sure the right people are picked to make your voice heard at the highest level.

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SU President

The President provides leadership to the Students' Union and is its main ambassador and external spokesperson, representing the interests of all students at USW.

   Megan Wilson

  • Make all campuses equal: Create parity between campuses with all aspects, including facilities (cash machines & amazon lockers & charging stations) and services.
  • Set it in stone! Learning with 9K: Continue to pressure the University on a clearer Academic Blueprint (student consultation with curriculum, assignment bunching, feedback times, no exams less than 24 hours apart).
  • Education for student parents: Lobby for childcare support during half-term to allow students to attend lectures.

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VP Education & Welfare 

The Education and Welfare Officer leads on work to improve the educational quality and experience at USW, based on feedback from Student Voice Reps, Course Reps. and the National Student Survey. 


   Liam Powell

  • Welfare Centre in the SU: I will lobby the university to provide the SU with a Welfare Centre. This allows for an independent service within the Union to provide help with mental health and academic issues.
  • Improve Glyntaff Library: Glyntaff Library is simply not at the standard that students deserve! If you vote for me, I will it a top priority to bring more power sockets, better heating and fight for longer opening hours.
  • Free Sanitary Products in SU: Women should not have to pay extortionate prices for sanitary products! I pledge to make then freely available in SU toilets.

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VP Student Activities

The Vice President for Student Activities is the lead officer on all matters relating to student teams, clubs, societies and supported activities (including, fundraising, volunteering, student media and community liaison groups). 

  Elliot Jones

  • Increasing awareness of disability sports by making them accessible to all students through organised 'have a go' days.
  • Ensuring the society award scheme is brought into action this year.
  • Introducing a monthly sports newsletter shining a light on all USW sports teams/clubs and members achievements.

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   Rhys Pewtner

  • Continue the work of the previous VP student activities in lobbying the university for regular funding of societies through the new society grading system.
  • A delivery service for pre-drinks in halls, as well as a bus that will take you to Cardiff after Score has finished. And for those who prefer a quieter night out, regular events for people who don't like large crowds or loud music.
  • I'd like to increase the presence of the Students Union in Newport and Cardiff, as well as making it easier for societies to branch out to other campuses.

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Chair of Student Council 

The Chair of Student Council provides leadership to the Student Council and is its main ambassador. The role includes leading the part-time officer team to ensure that the Union is delivering policy passed through the Council.

   Stephen O'Shea

  • Increase Council accountability through clearer reporting mechanisms.
  • Ensure there is Student Union representation present on Open Days.
  • Promote awareness of all Student Union activities.

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Gender Identity Officer

The Gender Identity Officer is the lead representative on matters of gender identity.

   Kay R. Dennis

  • To continue to monitor, and facilitate, changes to policies in regards to Trans* students and staff university wide.
  • Ensure the union continues to honour Trans*-specific events: Trans* awareness week and Trans* day of remembrance.
  • Continue to raise awareness of Trans* issues in the rest of the student body and staff.

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International Students' Officer

The International Students' Officer is the lead representative of international students at the University and their main ambassador.

   Jack Tabash

  • To organize alcohol free events at the SU.
  • To bring international students together through organizing an international sport event where teams from each country compete against each other.
  • To raise student's (especially international) awareness about the SU and what we do and that their voice is heard.

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   Mariya Hristozova

  • I would like all International students or EU students to be eligible for a scholarship (or apply for one) based on good grades or family income. (scholarships provided by USW)
  • I would like USW to provide an emergency loan for all International/EU students to go towards food and accommodation.
  • Start off your course events encouraging communication between British, European and International students.


Mature Students' Officer

The Mature Students' Officer is the lead representative for mature students at the University and their main ambassador.


   Peter Griffiths

  • As a mature student myself, I'd like to advocate for those who believe in life long learning, and to help mature students access courses even if they do not have the current type of qualification.
  • I would like to make sure that mature students are not disadvantaged in any way by the use of technology in courses, and if necessary give the mature students extra tuition to enable them to participate fully with the course.
  • I would like to enable the mature student to be able to pass on their wealth of "life skills" gained from experience to younger students, and to develop the ideas that knowledge comes from such a wealth of experience.

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Students with Disabilities Officer

The Students with Disabilities Officer is the lead representative for students with disabilities at the University and their main ambassador.

   Rachel Fanner

  • To improve academic and support staff's understanding of mental health and how to communicate with, help, and support disabled students.
  • Encourage the use of phones, laptops, tablets and other digital media in classes where appropriate as they are both learning aids and therapeutic value for many with disabilities.
  • To raise the profile of the students with disabilities officer position so that more students can seek support.

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Supported Activities Officer

The Supported Activities Officer is the lead representatives for volunteering, fundraising, media & community liaison. 


   Ashleigh Knowles 

  • To engage with and strengthen ties with local clubs and groups throughout the community!
  • To fundraise for the charities that support our students!
  • To assist Clubs and Societies improve their media output to better engage potential members!

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Women's Officer

Represents all women students at USW.


  Joanna Mitova

  • Empower women- support building confidence to stand out and have their voices heard.
  • Help establish a network for women in the STEM subjects.
  • Organize events throughout the year to promote positive body image.

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NUS Conference Delegates

As a member of the National Union of Students, we are able to send students to National Conference, the head policy-making body of NUS UK.

Liam Powell 



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