Ollie represents Pontypridd students and offers support on matters both education and welfare related. He liaises directly with the University to bring about positive change for the student body and is accountable to the President of the Students’ Union. 

Currently working on: 

*Ensuring SVR's are all fully supported by faculty leaders 

*A scheme to make student services more accessible to everyone. 

*Better SU facilities at Glyntaff 



Ollie Britten
VP Education and Welfare, Pontypridd

Ollie has recently completed his BSc in Chemistry based at Glyntaff campus. During his time at University, Ollie was an avid member of USW Students’ Union’s Cheerleading and Dance, later affirming his commitment to the team by becoming Secretary. Ollie takes pride in his time as a member of this society and is excited to be giving something back to the students at USW in his new role.



  • Continue working towards streamlining the mental health service at USW
  • Review and support the student mentoring system
  • Introduce a shuttle bus between Trefforest and Pontypridd



“The opportunity to join societies that you might not have a chance to be a part of outside of University life. Being part of a society really helped me de-stress from University and meet people I wouldn’t usually have a chance to interact with – I can’t recommend getting involved more highly.”


   Ollie is based on the top floor of Treforest Students' Union, drop in and say hello or send a quick message to arrange a meeting!