Union Complaints

We realise that sometimes mistakes are made. If you have faced any problems with elected officers or representatives of the Union or any of its' registered teams, clubs or societies, we would like you to tell us. We will investigate your official complaint, let you know the outcome and do everything we can to put things right. 

Our commitment is to respond to you as quickly as we are able and we aim to do so within 5 working days of receiving your communication.


Complaints Procedure

The Union's Complaints Procedure is explained in Section 14 of the Standing Orders. You will need to read this and then make your complaint, using this form, which you should then send to the Students' Union, c/o rhiannon.jones@southwales.ac.uk. All complaints will be treated in confidence. If you do not use this form, it will not be classed as a complaint and will not be actioned.

All complaints will be investigated by an Officer, who shall have no material interest in the complaint, within 5 working days of receiving the complaint. 

Following the investigation (based on the evidence provided), the Officer will make either:

  • A recommendation (to the appropriate Committee) of No Further Action. In this case, the matter is considered closed.
  • A recommendation (to the appropriate Committee) of Further Action. In this case, the appropriate Committee will take action, as per the Standing Orders. 


If you are unhappy with the recommendation, you can appeal to the Complaints Appeals Board, within 3 working days of notification of the outcome. The Appeals Board will look at whether it would have reached the same conclusion, based on the investigation and the evidence and will make a ruling. The decision of the Complaints Appeals Board is final.

The Complaints Appeals Board shall comprise:

  • An Executive Officer of the Union (who is not on the Members Disciplinary Panel) who will act as Chair of the hearing
  • The President of NUS Wales (or nominee)
  • The Vice Chancellor's nominee

You cannot appeal against the decision of whichever Committee has taken Further Action.

Other Complaints

If your complaint is regarding the service or the quality of an item you have received at one of our retail, catering or bar outlets, please send your complaint, in writing to:

  • sushop@southwales.ac.uk
  • subars@southwlaes.ac.uk
  • sucater@southwlaes.ac.uk

Complaints against members of SU staff are handled by Line Managers. As you may not be aware of the staffing structure of the Union, your complaint should be sent to the Central Resources Unit.