Thursday 5th March is University Mental Health Day. A day to encourage conversations and break the stigma currently surrounding mental health.


Why is Mental Health important?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

We know that University isn't always as fantastic as the glossy brochures, and despite all the highs, students will inevitably experience some lows too. The aim of our campaign is to throw the conversation open and remind students of the support that's available to them from the Students’ Union and University.

For #UMHD 2020, we want to encourage students to be more open about mental health and reduce the stigma currently associated with it. We're hosting a range of events including Pet a Pooch, a plant sale, acoustic music, and a student-led workshop! We encourage you to come along to any of the events either on your own or bring your friends along. Let's continue to break the stigma surrounding mental health!


How can I access support?

We are in this together. You can come and chat with us in the Students' Union or contact the Welfare officer, Shannon Lee to discuss any problems you may have.

The University also runs a range of one-off events, multi-session courses and regular group meetings related to health and wellbeing. You can sign up for these workshops here.

In addition to this, you also have access to the Fika app that aims to improve emotional fitness. Simply sign up with your student email address to get free premium access. More information about FIKA can be found here.




Pet a Pooch

Pet a Pooch is back! Join us to meet some cute pooches and have a chat with friends.

Glyntaff: Monday 2nd March. More information.
Cardiff: Thursday 5th March.
  More information *CANCELLED*.
Treforest: Thursday 5th March. More information.
Newport: Thursday 5th March. More information.

Plant Sale

Mad about plants? Come along and find the perfect plant to help boost your mood.


Cardiff: Thursday 5th March.  More information.



Acoustic Music
Join us at The Zen Bar for an acoustic music session to mark University Mental Health Day. 

Cardiff: Thursday 5th March.  More information.








Student Workshop

This workshop on ‘Living Unconsciously’, aims to help people overcome barriers that restrict them from their potential.


Treforest: Thursday 5th March. More information.



Tea & Chat

Bring a friend or make a new one and have a chat over a warm brew. We'll be providing free tea or coffee and quality chat.


Newport: Thursday 5th March.  12pm-1pm
Outside SU Hub, Newport




Fika is an emotional wellbeing app, available to all USW students when you sign up with your student email address