We know that the first few weeks after Freshers' can be quite difficult: getting to grips with your new timetable, beginning to tackle your workload, and probably missing home a bit. We also understand that the past couple of months have been extremely difficult adapting to this new way of living.

It is especially important now more than ever to look out for your friends, old and new, and make sure they know you’re there for them.

Look After Your Mate will be a virtual campaign this year, aimed at encouraging students to open-up to their friends and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. We're hosting a range of virtual events including coffee mornings, a wellbeing themed #CookWithKay, a USWSU Book Club evening and a much needed event - A day to vent, where students will have the opportunity to feel a sense a release after venting out their worries. Sometime getting things out can really help!

We want to encourage students to be more open about mental health and reduce the stigma currently associated with it. In addition, we will be posting notes of positivity and tips on how to reach out to a mate on our social channels throughout the month of November. Through this, we’re aiming to give students the necessary skills required to strengthen their online connections.

The Students’ Union is working in partnership with USW Chaplaincy and USW Wellbeing to deliver the Look After Your Mate campaign.



Read Shannon's blog here.

Sign up to a workshop here.






Coffee Mornings
Join your SU officers for a virtual coffee morning! This is a chance to have a catch-up, a chat about anything and everything, and meet new people from USW.

 Tuesday 3 Nov. More information.
Wednesday 11 Nov. More information.
Monday 16 Nov. More information.
Thursday 26 Nov. More information.

A Day to Vent
Have you ever felt a sense of release after venting to a friend? Well here’s your chance to do just that! 

Monday 9 Nov. More information.




Join Kay live as they teach you how to make super easy meals for when you really can't be bothered to cook.


Wednesday 18 Nov. More information.


Book Club Evening
Join us for our second month of USWSU Book Club! The theme this month is around mental wellbeing

Wednesday 25 Nov. More information.