Black Lives Matter. There is no discussion.

However, we recognise that sometimes students may not feel welcome at our University or our Students’ Union. We are working towards a place where every student can feel like they belong here, and that they have a safe space that they can rely on. But we know that we are not there yet, and there is still work to be done, and this work cannot happen overnight.

Every student at USW is welcome. Every student at USW is wanted. Every student at USW is valued.

Here at the USW and USWSU, we condemn any form of racism or discriminatory behaviour. We will continue to fight to eradicate this injustice and support those who are suffering because of it.

Black History Month.

For Black History Month, which (for the UK) falls every October, we want to spend this time learning, listening, and educating ourselves on the issues surrounding racism towards our Black students, and to start elevating their voices and listening to their experiences. We also want to invite you on this journey with us, as we learn more to support our Black students and staff.

USWSU Book Club

For #BHM, we are launching the USWSU Book Club, where we will be sharing one book a month that we will read together!
Everyone in the club will be able to share their comments and thoughts on this Facebook Group, as well as during our Virtual Book Club Evening. The first book we will be sharing is “Why I Am No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by Reni Eddo-Lodge.

Book Club Evening
 Wednesday 28 Oct. More information.



In another episode of #CookWithKay, Kay we will be sharing a recipe submitted by our Black student community at USW! 




Cook With Kay
 Wednesday 28 Oct. More information.



"Being black in the creative industries"

Course Leader for BA Music Business, Louis Gray, will talk about his experience of the Creative Industries as a Black person.


Talk by Louis Gray
Thursday 22 Oct - More information.





Send us your feedback
We are inviting all Welsh institutions to write a joint letter to the Welsh Government and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) to call for changes across our institutions in regards to the current racial inequality.

We want to hear from people who identify as Black, BAME, and Non-Black People of Colour. We are hoping that a united stance across Wales will push the Government to hold institutions accountable.

Send us your feedback here
































Where can I find support?

Over the Summer, we have also been building the USWSU Resource Hub and we have a dedicated anti-racism and allyship section, where there are plenty of resources for you to engage with, whatever your engagement with the Black Lives Matter movement. If engaging in these events is the first step that you’re taking, then come along with us. And if you’re further into your journey, please share any resources you have found useful in the USWSU Book Club, or by emailing Kay!

Also featured on the USWSU Resource Hub are external websites and tools for Black students, and for those who experience racism.
For students studying with us at USW, we have zero tolerance for racism. USW is a place of inclusivity, equality, and respect. We hope that no students will experience racism when at USW, but we understand this is not always the case. If you ever require support in reporting racism you can contact one of the Dignity at Study advisers who will offer support and assistance.
Support is also available from:
External support:
For support for BME young people, families and individuals in Wales visit:
The largest community of therapists of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean Heritage in the UK:





Kay R. Dennis
Welfare Officer


You can email me on,