S E P T E M B E R   B Y - E L E C T I O N


Any student can stand to become an Officer. You might want to represent students in your liberation group, or perhaps you have an idea for a campaign, no matter what your interests are and no matter what you study this is your chance to make change.






All part-time officers are current USW students, elected to represent and liberate the rights of students who are under-represented or discriminated against.

Part-time Officers are also a member of Student Council and are eligible for a bursary based on their involvement and engagement with the role.

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Student Voice Reps are the link between students, staff and the Union. They ensure the student perspective is considered in all decisions made at University or Faculty level. They liaise with students and work with staff on academic and policy matters that are School or Faculty-wide.

SVRs represent multiple courses and work towards enhancing the quality of learning, teaching and student experience. This role gives you the opportunity to earn a bursary of up to £500 given at the end of the academic year.

SVR Computing and Maths
SVR Engineering x2
SVR Business
SVR Humanities and Social Sciences
SVR Design and Digital
SVR Care Sciences x2
SVR Education & Early Years






Once you've chosen a role, you need to write your manifesto and complete your nomination or application forms. These need to been handed into the SU Office or emailed to rhiannon.jones@southwales.ac.uk by 1pm on 4th October.

Voting will take place here on Wednesday 9th October.