Top 5 reasons to get involved in the SU elections

Wednesday 24-02-2021 - 11:51


Becoming a part of the Students' Union comes with many benefits. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the key reasons why you should get involved with the SU elections.



1. Be a leader of a multi-million-pound organization

Few people can flaunt about leading a multi-million-pound organization at the start of their careers. By becoming a full-time officer you will participate in important decision making at both the University and the Students' Union.




2. Influence the work of the senior management at USW

One of the most important tasks of the elected officers is to ensure that the student's interests are at the heart of everything. Becoming an SU Officer will allow you to use your voice and influence the decisions that are made by the university.




3. Run campaigns and activities that interest you

The best part of getting involved in SU elections is that it's fun! You’ll get the chance to be creative whilst working hard for important causes. Some of the campaigns our officers work on include topics such as Black Lives Matter, Mental Health, Breast Cancer Awareness and more. If you're committed and think you can bring fresh ideas to the table, you should stand in the SU elections.




4. Engage with other student leaders and the wider community across the UK

As an SU Officer, you will engage with the wider community as well as student leaders from across the UK. This opportunity will not only help you become a part of a bigger team but will also allow you to make valuable contacts for the future! An example of a campaign that contributed positively to the community is the Halloween Trick or Treat campaign. For Halloween 2019, USWSU teamed up with Cardiff SU and went Trick or Treating to gather food for the local foodbanks. Collectively, they were able to donate over 162 kilograms of food to the local community.

Taking engagement a step further, this year, the Officers had an incredible opportunity of meeting the Royals to discuss well-being provisions during lockdown.




5. Get a full-time job without a job interview

To top it all, standing in the elections will allow you to put yourself forward for a full-time position leading the SU without having to do a job interview! If you're a people's person who is passionate about leading a large student body, we want to hear from you!


More information about the roles and application process can be found here.






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