Top 4 reasons to attend the AGM

Thursday 21-01-2021 - 19:18


The AGM is fast approaching and here are four reasons why you should attend!



Voice your opinion

When you take part in the AGM meeting you are voicing your opinion on the topics that can have a massive impact on your experience as a student.



Feel part of a community

The AGM is hosted once a year and the issues debated and decided will impact the rest of your time studying and experiencing USW! By taking part and voting, you can impact these decisions and be part of a wider community of students from USW.



Scrutinise the work of Elected Officers

Throughout the AGM meeting, you are going to be able to scrutinise the work of the elected officers and decide whether they have done everything in their power to deliver on your past proposals.



Make your voices heard

The main aim of the AGM is for students to vote and decide the direction of the Students' Union and the University. You can choose what changes you want to see and vote for the best ideas.


Don’t forget to register your attendance before 5 pm on the 27th January to ensure that you have your space at the meeting.


Find more information and register for the AGM here.






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