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Friday 08-11-2019 - 09:55

A General Election is scheduled to take place in the UK on Thursday 12th December 2019 and the registration deadline is Tuesday 26th November.

When politicians make decisions, they look at who is on the electoral register and who votes. As students, being registered to vote gives you a stake in society, providing you with the power to influence the decisions being made. This is your opportunity to set the agenda and ensure students voices are heard in the election. 

The decisions being made now will affect you and future generations to come so make sure you are registered to vote, it takes 5 minutes! Click the link below...


Who are we electing in this election?
Voters will elect 650 MPs who sit in the UK (Westminster) Parliament, and determine the future UK Government. MPs are elected to a five-year term, with remits covering UK-wide matters such as Brexit, other foreign and defence policy, immigration rules and social security. For more information on Westminster and MPs see here.
When is polling day?
Polling day will be on 12th December 2019. When is the deadline to register to vote? The deadline to register to vote for this election is midnight on 26th November. You can register to vote here.
How do I register for a postal vote and is there a deadline?
To register for a postal vote you must complete this form and return it to your electoral form registration office by 5pm on 26th November. You can find your electoral registration office at
Once you have registered you will receive your ballot paper quite close to polling day along with a freepost envelope. You must then cast your vote and return your ballot paper before the poll closes at 10pm on 12th December.
Can students vote in two constituencies?
All citizens, including students, can only vote in one constituency at a general election. If a student were to vote in two constituencies this would be a form of electoral fraud. If their term-time address is different to their home address, students can register to vote in both constituencies, and decide which constituency they would like to vote in at a later date. NUS will be providing further tools and links to help students decide where their vote might have most impact later in the campaign.
Who can vote?
In a general election only British, Irish and qualifying Commonwealth citizens can vote. A qualifying Commonwealth citizen is someone who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or does not require such leave.

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