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Monday 05-08-2019 - 13:39

The Family Institute and Faculty of Life Sciences and Education (FLSE) have agreed the closure of its courses. The outcome will lead to the course not being continued at USW and the Family Institute will be re-established as an external, independent organisation. The Students’ Union has been a part of the process to make every effort to ensure its students are satisfied in the whole process of the course closures.
There will be no disruptions on current courses in the coming academic year. At the end of the current intake, the course will be disbanded. This will ensure a smooth run out of the courses from USW.
If you are a student affected by the closures, the Students’ Union can offer advice and support, please contact 
Mishan Wickremasinghe – President –
Lois Jones – Education Officer –
Additionally, USW has provided FAQs which you can read below. 
1.  When is it going to close?
The courses will be closed for new entrants with effect from September 2019.    The Family Institute at USW will officially close 30th September 2020 at which point our students should have completed their studies.  Robust plans are in place to support any students and clients who may need continued support beyond that point.
2.  What is meant by “will become an external organisation”?
The Family Institute team are working towards setting up an organisation, independent of USW, to continue the work of the Family Institute.   Owing to the complexities associated with setting up a new organisation there is likely to be transitional period during which the new Family Institute begin to deliver a reduced portfolio of professional training.  
3.  Will it be the same lecturers delivering until the end?
Yes, there is no intention to introduce different staff although the team will be smaller to reflect the fact that we will have only one year of each course to teach in 2019/20. 
4.  Will it be in the same campus or/and the Family Institute building?
The Family Institute will remain in their existing premises during 2019/20. They will retain sole occupancy of the office and clinic spaces.
Mishan Wickremasinghe 
SU President

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