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Monday 01-02-2021 - 11:11

Hello! Welfare Officer Kay (they/them) here!
As a trans non-binary and queer person, LGBTQ+ History Month never stops being a period of learning for me. It’s a great time to come together with the community and celebrate but also remember times gone by. It’s a time to look back on how far the fight for Equal Rights has come but also looking forward at how far we have yet to go.
It might be a time where you decide to go back to the Stonewall Riots and look into the lives of and Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Black trans feminine people have been the pillars of the fight for equal rights for so long, and today’s Queer community should continue to remember their fight. 
You might watch TV series “It’s A Sin” by Russel T. Davies, available on All 4, which looks back at the start of the AIDS epidemic as it arrived in the UK. It’s a hard watch, it’s brutally honest and it reminded me that due to discrimination and the Government’s inaction, an entire generation of the Queer community was almost wiped out.
You could check out the resources that we have on the USWSU Resource Hub, which gives you a gentle introduction to becoming an ally to LGBTQ+ people, as well as having resources for LGBTQ+ people. You can find the LGBTQ+ section here.

This month, we’re holding two Lunchtime Drop-Ins for anyone who would like a chat, about anything! At a time where we can’t go to clubs, support groups, or physically meet our community, it’s so important to reach out if you need it.
These are being held on February 5th and 12th at 12:00-13:00pm. We’re also doing a #CookWithKay! Join me as I decorate rainbow cupcakes with flags belonging to the LGBTQ+ Community. Why not suggest a few for me to do? I’ll also be giving you a sneak peek at what we have to come in March. I’ll be live streaming on Facebook on Wednesday 17th at 4pm!
Don’t forget that USWSU has a Book Club! Every month we post themed reads, podcasts, and resources for you to check out! There’s no pressure to finish within the month, but we have a Book Club Evening session the last Wednesday of each month, this months’ falls on the 24th February at 6pm.
Did you know that we have a USW LGBTQ+ Society? You can find them on Facebook and @uswlgbtsoc on Instagram and Twitter! 


You can find more information about the campaign and a full list of events here.



Kay R. Dennis
Welfare Officer


You can drop me a question on social anytime @KayR.DennisSU on Facebook or @USWSUOfficers on Twitter, or email su.welfare@southwales.ac.uk. 
























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