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Thursday 01-12-2016 - 18:40


It’s that time of year again...no not Christmas. The last few weeks of term, the time of the great student migration! This is a key time for students to start choosing their accommodation for the year ahead. It's become a proven problem because a lot of students don’t know their rights or how to go about searching for good accommodation.


Black Friday

We’re in the thick of Black Friday discount deals, but when it comes to house hunting the bargains aren’t built for you. Letting agents, landlords and even your new found friends will be rushing you into making a decision. Moving into a new house with new people is something that needs to be taken seriously and with great care.  The house you choose and the people you eventually live with will have a huge impact on your time at University.


Play the waiting game

Who needs the gym? After all, house-hunting is practically a boxing match (I admit, I say this as someone who’s never boxed). It’s physically draining, your opponents are frightening, the match is long and no victory is painless.

Letting agents and landlords will employ rush tactics to push you into signing for a house quicker. This only benefits them, so play the waiting game. If your ‘dream’ house gets snapped up, then it probably wasn’t the right house for you.


Make savings early on

Looking for the right house is serious business, not just for the profit makers but for students parting with their cash too. Pick a house that suits your needs, such as bills included, reasonable rent, location, transport etc. All these things are important to consider when trying to save money whilst studying.


Quick Checklist:

Don’t Rush: think about what you want from the property.

Don’t sign: read the contract thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line.

Check the house: make sure you’ve been around the houses, from top to bottom.

Plan your finances: make sure you and your housemates have enough for bills and rent.

Wait a while: wait for the right house, there’ll be plenty to choose from.


The Students' Union are here to help you, so if you need advice, just drop in. If you've only got a few minutes, why not check out our Housing Guide, made with you in mind. 


Best of luck,

Sam Senior,

Vice President of Education and Welfare Pontypridd





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