Exec Blog: Disturbance at Dul Ul-Isra Mosque

Tuesday 04-06-2019 - 16:12

Asalaamu Aliekum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu / May the Peace and Blessings of God Be Upon You
I hope you have all had a wonderful Ramadan. As Muslims, we fast in Ramadan to improve our relationship with Allah and bring us closer to each other, with that in mind we as a Union want to offer our solidarity to those who worship in Dul Ul-Isra Mosque. A disturbance took place on Sunday at the mosque, alhamdullilah no one was injured, however, we need to stand with our Muslim communities. Let’s stop Islamophobia, full stop.
We stand side by side with our Muslim friends as a Students’ Union. If you are affected by this and in need of support please do get in touch by emailing me on su.ewponty@southwales.ac.uk 
Eid Mubarak / Happy Eid!  
Salaam / Peace,

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