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Friday 03-04-2020 - 12:22



It’s been over four weeks since USW has moved to working remotely. I hope you’re all coping well in these difficult times.

If things are getting a bit repetitive, here's a list of 50 things to help you make the most of your time in isolation.





Things to do to stay productive:



1) Create a planner for each week. Identify 3 goals for the week and try and meet them all!


2) Try and stick to a daily routine, eat at regular mealtimes and ensure you have a good sleeping pattern.



3) Create a thoughts journal.


4) Go through your notes from your time in uni. Summarise them into revision cards to make it easier for you, when preparing for exams.


5) Organise all your university work into modules etc.


6) Take regular breaks, walk around the room, go for a stroll outside, stretch, or make some food!


7) Learn a new language!


8) Exercise! There are loads of workouts online for you to follow, from beginners to advanced. Check out our activities officer Ollie’s ‘Get Lean in Quarantine’ on Facebook!


9) Stay hydrated. Aim to drink around 1.2-1.5 litres of water a day.


10) Check out the study skills resources here.


11) For your safety, download the Safezone app.




Things to do to improve your employability:




12) Update your CV. You can find some top tips here.


13) Create or update your LinkedIn profile.


14) Look for your perfect job.


15) Apply for work experience and internships. These look great on your CV!


16) Check out the online career resources on USW Careers.


17) Write a 5-year plan.


18) Do one of the free courses online on Open University.


19) Set a goal of developing your networks on LinkedIn. Try and create 5 new connections!


20) Write a master cover letter. You can edit it for specific jobs. Having a master copy will make it easier for you!


21) Take a new headshot.


22) Declutter your social media. Lots of employers will check your personal social media before employment.


23) Do a mock psychometric test here.


24) Look up common interview questions and prepare your answers for them.


25) Do a personality test here.


26) Interview a mate. Set up a mock interview via video call!


27) Identify your strengths and weakness.


28) Read a book on developing yourself in your area of study.


29) Check out all the resources for employability available from the University on USW Careers.



Things to do for fun:




30) Learn a new hobby. This could range from gardening to learning how to do the splits!


31) Read a book.


32) Movie marathon or have a Netflix party with friends.


33) Upcycle something in your house.


34) Try meditation. There are lots of videos on YouTube to help with this.


35) Make a scrapbook.


36) Call old friends. Check-in with them to make sure they’re okay.


37) Challenge yourself to cook a new recipe using what you’ve got in your cupboard.


38) Build a pillow fort. Perfect for your movie marathon!


39) Stargaze.


40) Wash/clean your car (if you have one).


41) Recreate old photos.


42) Make a playlist for a friend. Add your favourite songs and ones you think they’ll like.


43) Create Netflix club. Like a book club, but for Netflix films instead.


44) Create a blog / vlog. Always dreamt of becoming Instagram famous? Now’s your chance!



Things to do with the kids:



45) Rainbow decorating to spread joy.


46) Scavenger hunts.


47) Create your own bedtime stories.


48) Make your own pizza nights. If pizza isn’t your thing, try making a different meal together!


49) Make up your own play and get creative with the costumes!


50) Write a fun quiz / play a board game. You could even do the quiz with family or friends via video call.



Hopefully, these things will keep you occupied for a while! Don’t forget to tag @uswsu if you upload any pictures of your achievements on Instagram or Twitter. The four of us officers are still available to contact via email and Facebook. All our details can be found here. Stay safe and get in touch if you have any questions.



Mish Wick
SU President


You can drop me a question on social anytime @MishanWickremasingheSU on Facebook or @USWSUOfficers on Twitter, or email su.education@southwales.ac.uk. 

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