Campus Update 5

Monday 24-11-2014 - 11:45


Today, the University announced the timetable for moving the courses that will eventually go to different campuses, including what will happen for students who are on the Caerleon campus.  This has been a really unsettling time for these students, and as your representatives we would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for the University to work through with us the consequences of these decision.  There have been a huge number of different views raised across all the students who are affected, and we’ve done our best to distil them down into some very clear concerns, which we in turn have raised with the University and worked hard to get recognised.


You set us a clear direction on which to focus our negotiations;


•    You did not want to move from your campus of study until there were better facilities in place,

•    You did not want to move half way through the academic year,

•    If it was possible, you wanted to graduate from Caerleon campus if that’s where you study,

•    You did not want to be out of pocket as a result of the move,

•    You wanted your academics to carry on teaching you on your course.


We made sure that all of these issues were kept at the centre of the University discussions, and these are the wins that we can communicate to you today:


- The Caerleon campus will not close until Summer 2016, so second and third years won’t move.

- The University is investing £3 million immediately in improving Newport City campus.  This will include improving and updating the learning and teaching environment, and Students’ Union facilities.  This huge investment is a direct result of what you have told us throughout this process.

- The Atrium 2B project has been confirmed on track.  This means that a brand new building with specialist facilities for our Creative Industries students in Cardiff will be ready for September 2016.

- Your requests and views as students will be a big part of the planning of the investment in Newport City Campus and in Cardiff.

- No student will move campuses during the academic year.  Any remaining courses will move from Caerleon during the Summer of 2016, when students are on their summer holidays.

- Graduations will take place in Caerleon in Summer 2015 and 2016.

- If you move campus, then any additional travel or accommodation costs will be covered.  There will also be an extra fund where you can bid for money if other costs increase due to your personal circumstances.

- Students moving to new campuses who want to live in halls will have priority for accommodation.

- Your academics will continue to teach on your course.  You will also have access to the other excellent lecturers that are currently based on the other campuses.


We understand that you will have other questions that are dependent on your individual circumstances.  You can access the detailed further information on Unilife here


If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, then please raise these with any of your Students’ Union officers:

President - Carys

Vice President Cardiff - Roz

Vice President Pontypridd - Ellen Jones -

Vice President Newport - Drew Burman -

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