AGM 2019/20 Update

Wednesday 18-12-2019 - 15:04

This years’ Annual General Meeting did not achieve the 100 students required to be quorate. As such, the business (including the six proposals submitted) was referred to Student Council for approval.
Student Council is the main policy-making body of the Students’ Union and is responsible for discussing the various issues that affect students, in order to set the Union’s overall political direction.
Student Council is made up of an elected Chair, the President, the four Vice Presidents and Campaign Officers, who have a remit for specific campaigns. There are also a number of regional, open positions.
The following items all PASSED:
  • Approval of Affiliations
  • Constitutional Amendments
  • Annual Report including Audited Accounts for 2018/18
  • Signature Pronouns
  • Priority Seating in Lectures
  • Glyntaff SU Development
  • Sustainable Students
Read on for further information and a brief overview. 
The first proposal discussed was Signature Pronouns submitted by Welfare Officer, Shannon Lee. The proposal resolved that the Students’ Union Elected Representatives must include pronouns in email signatures. The full-time officers must also lobby the University to do the same, so that all staff signatures contain pronouns. Following a discussion, it was agreed that no one should be forced to reveal pronouns and that the proposal should only promote and encourage the inclusion of pronouns if individuals are comfortable to do so. The proposal PASSED with the VP Welfare assigned at the Lead Officer to action the proposal.
The next proposal to be discussed was Collaboration, Not Competition, submitted by Edward Jones. Before a discussion could commence, resolutions that contravened points of order had to be removed from the proposal and wording clarified. Following a lengthy discussion, Council felt that the proposal was unclear in what it was hoping to achieve. To this end, it was agreed that the proposal be shelved. It was further agreed that the proposer and VP Activities would meet to investigate a clear way forward.
The proposal to include ‘Priority Seating in Lectures’ for those with ‘invisible conditions’ PASSED with an amendment for Resolution 1 to read “to lobby the University to have a number of seats near the exit of a lecture theatre reserved for those with invisible conditions.” The VP Education has been assigned as Lead Officer to action the proposal.
Glyntaff SU Development, submitted by Mishan Wickremasinghe, SU President resolved to provide a dedicated office space within the Student box and for the Student Box to be redecorated. The proposal was amended to add a request for a dedicated office at the Sports Park and to add ‘lobby the University’ to resolution 1 and 2. Resolution 3 was REMOVED. The proposal was then PASSED with the above amendments. The Lead Officer to action the proposal is the SU President.
The proposal ‘Sustainable Students’ by Lauren Valentine PASSED, subject to the amendments which you can view below. 
Resolution 1: To ban all plastic cutlery in SU. AMENDED to read “and to lobby the University to do the same” The amendment PASSED
Resolution 2: Meatless Mondays. AMENDED to read “To lobby the University to investigate methods of making the food offering more sustainable” The amendment PASSED
Resolution 3: Ban balloons and non-recyclable items from Freshers and make this a condition for external organisers to ensure they fall in line with sustainable practice. AMENDED to read “ban balloons and non-recyclable items from Union events/facilities and make this a condition for external organisers to ensure they fall in line with sustainable practice and to lobby the University to do the same.” The amendment PASSED.
The VP Welfare has been assigned as Lead Officer to action the proposal.
The final proposal to go before the council was ‘University Mascot, Red Fox’. Following a discussion, Council felt that, in a time of strict budgetary constraints, money for a mascot would be better spent on services to students. For this reason, the proposal FELL.
The next Student Council meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd of January. For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact Joanna Mitova, Chair of Student Council.

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