What's Next?


All motions passed at AGM will become Student Union Policy and give a mandate to your Sabbatical Officers to work in collaboration with the successful motion proposers and lobby the University to bring about the changes you have voted for. The officers are now in the process of forming campaigns and are in discussion with the University over what the next steps will be. 


Gender Neutral Toilets

Our LGBT Officer has assessed the toilets that are available across all campuses and presented the proposal to the Equality and Diversity Group to see whether or not they can accommodate the changes into their action plan. During his research, he discovered that there are unisex toilets in Upper Glyntaff which may serve as a possible location for gender neutral toilets for this campus in the future.


LGBT History Month

Our LGBT Officer is currently gauging interest from students on the Live Event and Lighting Technology programme. He is also researching whether those students that choose to get involved would receive credits for their participation in creating a rainbow lighting display on each campus.


Student Sex Worker Policy

The SU President is currently in discussion with the University to determine what actions can be carried out to implement a policy.


Reading Weeks

The Sabbatical Officers have consulted courses on whether or not reading weeks are relevant to them. With the feedback they have gathered, the officers have called upon the University to consider:

Permit faculty-level consultation with students on the implementation of Reading Weeks:
The students were very clear that they would like to be consulted on the future of Reading Weeks, and that the decision on whether or not reinstate them would be a faculty decision.
Clear guidelines on what is expected of students during a Reading Week:
Reading weeks should be used constructively, and the University should look into ways of enhancing the learning experience outside of the lecture theatre.
Support for student parents during school holidays which occur during University term time:
The students were clear that they wanted the University, working with the Students Union, to look into ways of supporting student parents during the half term periods, and alleviating financial pressures.
The full letter written to the Vice-Chancellor, by your Students' Union President, Ellen, can be read here.
Please note, the status of Reading Weeks is ongoing; more information will be provided when available.


If you have any questions on the proposals passed by AGM or would like to know more about the Students' Union budget or accounts please get in touch. You can send your questions to studunion@southwales.ac.uk or tweet us @uswsu. Your Sabbatical Officers and Student Union staff would like to thank every student who made their voice heard and pledged their commitment to creating change by attending the AGM.