Submit an idea


If you want to bring about change in the Union or University, you can write an idea and propose it to be adopted as policy or as a call to action, just follow these four easy steps....



Get your idea on the agenda

Proposing an idea is easy: just write it, find someone to second it, find 20 supporters and turn up to the AGM to speak in favour of it.

The next Annual General Meeting will take place on 21st November 2019 at 6PM.

When you submit your idea, you’ll need to list the names of two people – one to propose and one to second the idea. These people will need to be prepared to talk about the idea at the Annual General Meeting.

*To have your idea put on the agenda, you must submit it by 7th November 2019, 12pm



Submit your idea

Super easy. Your idea needs the following:

Title: (make it snappy, concise and comprehensible)

Proposed by: (this is you!)

Seconded by: (has to be a member of the Union - all students are members of the Union!)

This Union notes: (FACTS that back up the idea and provide context)

This Union believes: (subjective OPINIONS on the motion that the authors feel would aid its passing)

This Union resolves: (what ACTION or POLICY the authors of the idea want carried out, and by WHOM)

Read our example idea here and download the idea submission form here.



You will need to collect 20 signatures from students who support you and submit your idea to by 12pm on Thursday 7th November 2019. If you'd like more information about proposing an idea, contact your SU President, Mishan (, they can also help you with drafting your idea and working out any details of its application. 



Attend the AGM!

Thursday 21st November 2019

Get as many supporters as you can to attend the meeting and publicise your idea as much as possible beforehand. The more support you receive, the more likely your idea will be voted on positively.

Be prepared to introduce your idea and answer questions during the debate. The voting members of USWSU (all students that attend AGM) decide whether to approve the idea or not and any student can speak for or against any idea during the debate.

Following the debate, the idea can be amended. So if there is one sticking point you can remove it or vote on it separated. This sometimes means the idea can end up watered down, but it can also mean it’s improved.


After the AGM

Work on your resolution – if you resolved to work closely with the full-time Officers to bring about your action or policy, make sure you meet up with the Officers to work out how they’re going to follow through what was voted on.