The University of South Wales Students’ Union Annual General Meeting takes place every year and all students are invited and encouraged to attend. If you are a student at USW then you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union.


Whether it is debating and adopting policy or mandating the Exec Officers to campaign on specific issues, the AGM is an opportunity for you to have your say on the direction of the Students’ Union.

As well as this, the AGM is an opportunity for students to scrutinise the work of elected officers and to ensure that they are fulfilling the promises they made during their election campaign. The Board of Trustees also submits a report which means you will be able to see how decision-making at every level of the Students’ Union has impacted on you, the student body.

Decisions made at AGM can have a massive impact on your experience as a student, so make sure you come along and have your say.



This year's AGM will take place on Thursday 21st November 2019 at 6pm. 

The AGM is open to all USW students, you do not have to have been previously involved in any Union activities. You can register for the AGM below - if you require free transport from Cardiff and Newport you must register online before 5pm on the 19th November.

The bus will leave Newport at 4.15pm and Cardiff at 5pm. Please arrive promptly as the bus will not be able to wait. The bus will return to Newport and Cardiff following the AGM. 

Please make sure you bring your Student ID card on the day. 




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