The Annual General Meeting for 2020/21 will take place on

Thursday 28th January, 2021.

The meeting will be ONLINE.


If you are a student at USW then you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union and are encouraged to both submit ideas for policy/action and to attend.


Whether it is debating and adopting policy or mandating the Exec Officers to campaign on specific issues, the AGM is an opportunity for you to have your say on the direction of the Students’ Union.

You get the opportunity to scrutinise the work of elected officers and to ensure that they are fulfilling the promises they made during their election campaign. The Board of Trustees also submits a report which means you will be able to see how decision-making at every level of the Students’ Union has impacted on you, the student body. It's also your chance to put forward ideas that you would like to see implemented, either in the Union or across the university, that you think will make your student world a better place.

Decisions made at AGM can have a massive impact on your experience as a student, so make sure you come along and have your say.

For information on how to submit your ideas click here or contact Shannon, the Students' Union President at All proposals MUST reach the Union, no later than 12pm on 18th January: send your proposal to



This year's AGM will take place ONLINE on Thursday 28th January 2021 at 6pm. 

The AGM is open to all USW students and you do not have to have been previously involved in any Union activities. You should register for the AGM before 5pm on the 27th January. You MUST register using your academic email address and, once we've confirmed that you are eligible to attend, we will send you the meeting link and passcode.



2020/21 Timetable

Idea submission deadline - 18th January

Agenda and papers published - 21st January

Questions to Accounts deadline- 26th January

Registration for voting and proxy Vote - 27th January

Annual General Meeting - 28th January at 6pm


When we publish the Agenda, you will be able to see exactly what will be discussed at the meeting. In addition to any ideas submitted by you, the Agenda wil always contain:


Paper 1. AGM 2019/20 Minutes
Paper 2. Report from the Board of Trustees
Paper 3a,b. Annual Report including Audited Accounts 2019/20*
Paper 4. Approval of Affiliations
Paper 5. Constitutional Amendments


* Any member of the Students' Union is allowed to question the Union's audited accounts. To do so, just download this form and follow the instructions. Members who have questions to the Accounts must submit them, in writing, no later than 5pm on Tuesday 26th January. Items can be addressed to: Membership Services Manager, USWSU, Forest Grove, Treforest. CF37 1UF or sent, from your University email account only to




Decisions made at AGM will affect every student at USW, but not every student will be able to attend. That's why you're allowed to vote by proxy. That means if you can't make it to the meeting, but feel passionate about one or more of the issues being discussed, you can register your vote beforehand. All you need to do is download and follow the instructions on this form. You must return the form no later than 5pm on Wednesday 27th January. Your vote will be added to the online calculation.



After each debate, all delegates will see a voting option on their screen. There will be a summary of what you are voting on and options to vote For the proposal, against it or to abstain from the vote. Once all delegates have voted, the results will be displayed.