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It's a funny old time, so all of our current offer will be in digital format. However, there will be no loss of quality and we're still here to help you showcase your brand. With access to over 20,000 students, advertising through us gives you the chance to understand our students and reach out to them in a unique and effective way. From social media shout outs to event sponsorship, we have something to suit every budget.

The most exciting news is the change of format to our Freshers' Fair - we're #GoingDigital. With the same access, wait, make that BETTER access to students, you get to customise your stand the way YOU want it - no printing, no blowing up balloons, no cooking squillions of slices of pizza and no need for a cast of thousands. With a live event on 1st October, you'll have the chance to chat online with students as they visit your stand. Then, for a further 30 days, students will be able to visit the Fair if they missed it first time round or didn't have time to see all that they wanted. Although chat won't be enabled at this time, they will still be able to message you directly.

If you'd like some examples of how the fair will look, get in touch with

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We exist to make sure every student at the University of South Wales has the best possible experience whilst studying. From activities, events and venues to volunteering and skill-development, we strive to enrich every aspect of student life. And because we're not for profit, we make sure everything we do goes back into the things our students care about most.



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We're committed to bringing your promotion to life, so if there's something you want to explore but haven't seen in our Media Pack, just give us a call or drop us an email to discuss our bespoke solutions.

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