Help and Information


Who can I go to for help or advice?

Our team are on hand to support you with both academic and wellbeing related issues. Whilst we might not have all the answers, we can point you in the right direction and be there to support you when you need us.

Your officer team are the perfect people to speak to for your issues, you can find their contact information via the Your Voice section of our site. We operate an open door policy across our offices, which means you are more than welcome to pop in and speak to one of our team about your issues or concerns.

How do I become a member of the Union?

As a student at the University of South Wales, you are automatically a member of the Union (unless you opt out during enrollment) which means you are able to access our support, vote in the AGM, stand in the Elections and make sure your voice is heard!

What does the Union actually do?

We're a democratic organisation where our members (you as students) are able to shape the direction we take. You can vote on our affilitions, submit proposals for us to change the way we run or even stand in the elections to become an officer and represent the voice of students. We have a Student Council and Student Voice Forum who meet regulalry to represent the academic and non-academic experiences of students but it is not all about democracy. We also facilitate Teams, Clubs and Soceities - supporting students in setting them up, running them and providing training to their committees and captains! Plus we have a great lineup of events throughout the year in our venues.