May by-election results

The following candidates are duly elected:


Societies Officer 

Elfed Woodward


Women's Officer 

Katherine Axten 


Supported Activities Officer

Ashleigh Knowles-Edwards





Every USW student returning in 2017/18 can run for a position. You don't have to have been previously involved in the SU - the only thing you need is enthusiasm, commitment and a desire to represent the student body. 


These positions represent a fantastic opportunity – a chance to bring your skills, ideas and passion to the development of the Union and University. This is your chance to make things change!  

key dates

nominations open 2 may @ 9am

nominations close 9 may @ 1pm

voting opens 11 may @ 9am

voting closes 11 may @ 6pm

















Campaign Officer roles

Campaign Officers are voluntary roles, elected to represent and liberate the rights of students who are under-represented or discriminated against. As a Part-time Officer you are also a member of Student Council, the highest student representative body in the Students’ Union, which ensures students have a say over how their Union is run.


Campaign Officer Nomination Forms >>

Campaign Officer Election Regulations >> 



Women's Officer

Represents all women students.

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Black Students' Officer

Represents all black students.

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Gender Identity Officer

Lead representative on matters of gender identity.

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Sexual Orientation Officer

Lead representative on matters of sexual orientation. 

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Postgraduate & Part-time Students' Officer

Main ambassador for representating PG and PT student's views. 

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Societies Officer

Looks after USW societies and represents their interests. 

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Sports Officer

Looks after USW sports teams and clubs and represents their interests. 

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Supported Activities Officer

Lead representative for volunteering, fundraising, media & community liaison. 

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Newport, Cardiff & Pontypridd Campus Officers

Represent the views and interests of students on their campus.

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Student Voice Rep (SVR) roles

SVRs work to enhance learning, teaching and student experience at a Faculty-level for current and future students. They have equal say at Faculty-level meetings where they give feedback to staff, they propose solutions to problems and have an active role in the organisation and management of the Faculty.

We are looking for students who are passionate about solving academic issues, campaigning for change and representing their fellow students.

SVR’s are awarded a £750 grant at the end of the year based on their level of involvement.


SVR Role Description >>      SVR Application Forms >>

SVR Election Regulations >>


Positions available:

Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science
Engineering x1

Faculty of Creative Industries
Art & Design x2
Media x1

Faculty of Business & Society
Business x1
Law, Accounting & Finance x2

Faculty of Life Sciences & Education
Care Sciences x2
Psychology and Therapeutic Studies x2
Health, Sport and Professional Practice x2
Education & Early Years x1